We are an agribusiness rice company

Our rice mill completes the rice production process with maximum detail and quality at every step.

Making white rice is an art, every day we work with the same dedication and passion in the polishing and selection of grains, so we achieve the best quality. We seek that its brightness is unique, for this we perfect the technique to improve its quality and maintain its purity.


Elaboration process

Millennial Technique

The elaboration of white rice is an ancient technique, and although it essentially remains the same, having highly sophisticated technology, especially in the final selection process of the grains that are packaged for consumption, we have achieved a great difference in quality in the final product.


The machines are perfected to make a selection of grain by grain, eliminating those that have defects, and thus achieve a homogeneous and safe product for human consumption.

High quality and added service 

Our industrial process with rice guarantees a noble product with high quality and added service.


Our history

We are an agribusiness company, we receive rice from agricultural producers to whom, we provide technical and financial assistance forming a strategic alliance with them. Our producers are the base of the system, a very important link in our agribusiness.

FROCOM is a company founded in 2001, with a worldwide presence in the rice market, exporting our rice worldwide.
We are located in the north of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, in the Artigas department in a rice area by excellence.

Uruguay is the 5th world exporter of long-grain, American-type rice. The excellence of Uruguayan rice in our particular rice allows us to access and compete in price and quality, in the most demanding markets.

We have a drying capacity of 750 tons of paddy rice daily, and a capacity of white rice or brown rice production of 120 tons daily.

We make rice with the latest technology available worldwide, with 5 polishes, three abrasives and two final finishes with water and select our rice with double pass with Bulher-Sortex.

We produce rice from 100% certified seed, thus guaranteeing the purity and homogeneity of white rice.


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